Заказать звонок

Terms of sale

We hereby inform you that:

  1. This Section is a brief description of the Buyer's actions when purchasing the Goods. Before performing any actions related to the purchase of the Goods, the Buyer shall read the "Public Offer" located on the Website at the following address: PUBLIC OFFERT.
  2. All Goods placed on the site are for personal use. The use of the Goods for further sale is strictly prohibited.
  3. The online shop carries out trade based on the Law No. 105-XV of 13.03.2003 "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
  4. The Buyer generates his own Order for the Goods through an online shop. Rules of placing an Order for the Product are available in the section "How to place an order".
  5. The Buyer may pay for the Product by any of the methods provided for in the “Payment option”.
  6. Payment is made in accordance with the procedure specified in the "Payment option" section of the website. The Buyer covers bank expenses on payment for the Goods.
  7. The terms and conditions of use of the Goods are specified on the labels or in the instructions for use of the Goods.
  8. The Buyer shall be entitled to cancel the Goods at any time prior to their transfer and after the transfer of the Goods - within fourteen days. Return of the Goods of proper quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties, as well as the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified Goods in our online store are preserved. In case the Buyer does not have a document confirming the fact of payment, it is not impossible to refer to other proofs of purchase of the Product in our online store.
  9. In case of the Buyer's refusal from the Goods, LLC OLTA & Co shall refund the amount of money paid by the Buyer. LLC "OLTA & Co" expenses on delivery from the Buyer and/or to the Buyer of the returned Goods are subject to exclusion. The Buyer of the relevant requirement carries out return of money not later than in 10 days from the date of submission.
  10. The Buyer at his own expense shall carry out the Return of the Goods of proper quality by Post to the address: MD-2009, Republic of Moldova, 47, Vasile Alexandri Str., in accordance with the conditions of return of the Goods in the Section "Return Policy".

    Delivery by post or transport company:
  11. The ordered Goods by the Buyer are delivered in packaging.
  12. At receipt of a parcel, the Buyer shall carefully inspect its packaging for integrity and absence of external damage.
  13. The Buyer shall not accept the parcel in the event of any damage to the packaging, dents or other damages.
  14. Request the shipping staff to draft a Return and Ship Orders Act to the return address.
  15. The Buyer should then contact us by phone +373 68 638 638 and/or e-mail: info@sarlag.md.
  16. If the Buyer finds a factory defect after opening the package, the Buyer may return the goods by Post. For this purpose, please contact us by phone and/or e-mail: info@sarlag.md.


Dear Buyers, we ask you to follow the above requirements. In case of non-compliance, your return will not be accepted and the parcel with the Goods will not be sent back.